Behind our Name: Colibri Mountain Coffee


Colibri is hummingbird in Spanish, the smallest of birds in nature. Despite their small size, hummingbirds flip their colorful wings so fast their movement creates a humming sound audible to humans. Colibris are fun, beautiful, and unforgettable. Any resemblance to our founder’s petite size, Latina colors or loud personality are just mere coincidence. 

We added the word Mountain just before founding the company because a friend insisted that a bold beverage like coffee needed more than a small bird on the name. We were already too invested in Colibri, so we added the word Mountain to create a stronger presence. Our founder loves hiking! She was born along the Caribbean Sea and found her peaceful place in the mountains. Besides, coffee grows best in mountains, at high altitudes, and between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn where there are no seasons. Colibris are native to the Americas and most abundant in the tropics along the Andes Mountain range!

This is why we chose our name, Colibri Mountain Coffee.